Generic Phenergan (Promethazine)
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Common usage

Phenergan is a antihistamine that used to deal with unique kinds of allergiessymptoms, such as itching, runny nose, coughing, watery or itchy eyes, shortness, and unwanted skin pigmentation. Additionally Phenegran is employed as a sedative and sleep aid for all kinds of patients and control or shield against nausea and vomiting, heal motion sickness. You may use it using medications that are unique, for pain following surgery too.

Dosage and management

Think of it without a food/milk. It's wise to consider this medicine with foods should you'd love to prevent stomach upset. For treating cough which the dose is 25 mg prior to sleeping. It's possible to replicate the dose in just two weeks if needed. For curing motion sickness the suggested dose is 25 mg twice every day.

Notice: this education presented here only for inspection. It's 's 's 's very imperative to find advice from your health care provider before applying. It helps you to get best outcomes.


Don't provide this medication to patients use alcohol once you're carrying Phenergan since it may intense nausea. Stay away from alcohol usage. Wear a sunscreen and protective clothing if you're subjected to sunlight, it'll enable you to prevent a heat stroke. Phenergan shouldn't be used throughout pregnancy, thus getting childbirth or pregnancy without telling your physician. Don't utilize before breastfeeding with no physician 's advice. Phenergan is contraindicated in several countries, too in known as to have experienced an undercover response to promethazine or into other phenothiazines. This medication is helpful to be used in treating lower respiratory tract infections such as asthma.

Potential side impact

They could include an allergic response: Infection; problem breathing; swelling of your lips, tongue, or throat. {{{Additionally the many potential side effects include:

twitching, or uncontrollable movements in the eyes, tongue, lips, face, arms, or legs;

tremor (uncontrolled shaking), drooling, difficulty swallowing{} with walking or balance;

feeling anxious, jittery, or tingling;

high fever, rigid muscles, melancholy, sweating, irregular or fast heartbeats, rapid breathing;

feel like you're able to head out;

seizure (convulsions);

light skin, easy bruising or bleeding, and itching, itching, sore throat, or flu symptoms;

diminished night vision, tunnel vision, watery eyes, and also even increased sensitivity to moderate;

hallucinations, agitation;

nausea and stomach discomfort, skin rash, and jaundice (yellowing of );

urinating less than normal or maybe not at all;

joint swelling or distress with fever, and swollen glands, and muscle aches, chest discomfort, and nausea, and strange thoughts or behaviour, and dull skin colour; or maybe

slow heartbeat, weak heartbeat, palpitations, slow breathing (breathing can stop ). |} |}

Less severe contain:

nausea, nausea, and nervousness;

blurry vision, dry mouth, stuffy nose

ringing to;

fat gain, swelling in your feet or hands;

impotenceproblems, difficulty with climax; also as

constipation. |}

Should you encounter quit using Phenegran and inform your physician when potential. Also talk with your physician about any side effect that looks odd. Also observe that interaction between 2 medications doesn't necessarily signify you have to stop taking. As usual it impacts the effect of medication, so talk to your physician about how exactly it interactions are being managed or should be medicated. But advocate 't believe if it's too late or nearly time for another dose. Take your dose daily at the particular same frequently time. If you experience one of them call your physician immediately. Don't use after expiry duration.


We offer only general guidance regarding drugs that doesn't pay all of instructions, potential medication integrations, or even possibly precautions. Info in the website may 't be utilized for self-treatment along with self-diagnosis. Any specific instructions for a specific person ought to be agreed with your medical care adviser or physician accountable for your own case. We researched reliability of the information and errors it might contain. We're not liable for any indirect, direct, indirect or special harm because of working with this specific information regarding this website and due to self-treatment.

Phenergan 25mg

Phenergan 25mg

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Phenergan 25mg

Phenergan 25mg

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